What would the world be like if there were no colors? Imagine a black and white world that just kind of blended together. No blue skies to make you smile and no colorful flowers to make you sigh. It would be unimaginable and certainly not a very likeable world. Also when you think about it the colors that we see in nature are just as they should be. Can you imagine looking up and not seeing a sky of blue but say, a yellow sky? It is just right that the sky is blue and the sun is yellow. Mother Nature knows about her colors and she helps to make this world so lovely.

It is a fact that colors and emotions go hand in hand. There are colors that make us feel really good and colors that might even scare us depending on how we are feeling.

Among colors that at warm, are orange, red, and yellow they usually make people feel optimistic, happy, and full of energy. These color can also grab one’s attention and even warn about danger such as Stop signs which are in red. These warm colors can also make someone hungry. If you think about it what could be warmer than sitting in front of a fireplace in the winter watching the orange and yellow flames flicker.

Cool colors are blue, green, and purple and have a calming and soothing effect on people. Usually, the chosen colors for bedrooms are blue or green. I find the various shades of purple spark my creativity and make me want to draw or paint. In the summertime, there is nothing better than lying on green grass and watching the clouds roll by in a clear blue sky.

There are colors that make people happy like orange, yellow, pink, and red. Also, pastel colours such as peach and light pink or lilac can uplift one’s mood. I think of scented lilacs in light purple blossoming in May. The yellow sun up high in the sky has always made me smile and who does not love red tulips in the springtime.

When it comes to sad colors we have the dark and muted shades which can include browns or beige and some darker blues or greens. People differ on these kinds of colors since in Western cultures black is the accepted color for mourning but in Asian countries it is white. Personally, even though I am part of the Western culture when a loved one passes on I know I am expected to wear black or some somber color, but I would prefer white. Sure we are sad at the loss but we should be celebrating the life of the loved one who has been taken from us by the angels and angels are adorned in white.

The brighter and more intense a color is the more energized you might feel. Such colors as bright red, yellow or neon green. Other colors like magenta emerald, and royal blue. The kind of colors that make you want to spring into action and get out into the world.

The warmest and most vibrant of colors is red. It sets off different emotions and is often associated with love and passion. However, red can also be comparable to anger and danger. The color red can make a heart beat fster and get the person excited in a good or bad way depending on if they are feeling love or anger. Just always remember to keep red as an accent color and use it in moderation because too much red can overwhelm.

The color orange has the power to make people feel enthusiastic and full of energy, It enhances the feelings of happiness and vitality and draws attention to itself. Orange is a great color to choose as part of the packaging of a product. Also if you wear something orange your face will give off a rosy glow.

A happy and spontaneous feeling color is yellow. It is a vibrant color that can make you smile like a blazing yellow sun in a bright blue sky. I love yellow flowers as bright as the sun in the summertime. Just enough yellow can draw attention to you or to an object but too much can bring on a need for sunglasses effect.

Green is a refreshing and optimistic kind of color. It symbolizes new beginnings, health, and wealth. The color is easy on the yes and can make you feel relaxed. Like running barefoot in the summertime through a green grassy meadow. Or walking in the forest surrounded by evergreen firs and pines.

The feeling safe and relaxed color is blue. Who does not want to shout with joy seeing a deep blue sky in the summertime like a deep blue ocean stretching from shore to shore? My mother used to look up at a summer sky and tell me it was as blue as Egyptian skies. She had never been to Egypt but she was sure this was how it was meant to be above the Nile River and the pyramids. There are many different shades of blue and some of the darker ones can bring on a tinge of sadness while light blues are more relaxing and have a friendly kind of feel.

A favorite color is purple that makes people feel creative or artistic. It is a royalty color and associated with mystery and wealth. The darker shades amphasize this color more than the lighter shades.

A down to earth color is brown. It give a warm and friendly feel. The earth is brown and just think of brown fur on the creatures scampering about. It is nice solid color to match with more vibrant colors such as orange, green, and red.

Always a color of mystery and darkness to me is black. The black of night without stars in the sky. It can also be a lovely background color at night when the moon is full and the stars are twinkling. A good solid kind of no nonesense color that can match with almost any other color.

The pure and simple color white. Someone once asked me “Is white a color?” Of ourse it is. Think of the pure whitness of snow when it first falls and then how it sprakles beneath the winter sun. It also symbolizes purity, innocence, and virginity. It is the color of angels. Think of lovely white blossoms in the spring that the wind blows and brings on a sudden snow fall of white blossoms all around.

Gray has alsways been considered to be a professionals and serious color. It is a color often overlooked but nonetheless it is a color to consider. Gray might not stand out too much but when combined with brighter colors it looks very nice.

I am a freelance and content writer. I have four blogs. I love music, reading, and drawing. I live in Daytona Beach, Florida.

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