It seems that if there is one thing that all people agree upon it is that there is nothing better than a great cup of coffee. For coffee lovers a morning can be totally ruined if they have a bad cup of coffee. So if you’re not making coffee at home or if you are traveling it is important to know where you can get great coffee. I remember many different kinds of coffee at diners in the U.S. but the one thing that always stands out for me is that even though it was “diner coffee” it was always rich, black, strong and aromatic and that was just fine for me. So let us take a journey and discover some of the places where you can get fantastic coffee.

The U.S.

Seattle, Washington has been referred to as a world capital for coffee roasting. This is the city in which Starbucks opened their first coffee house and espresso bar at Pike Place Market. Along with Starbucks there are other big name coffee retailers that have their headquarters in Seattle. It is the kind of city where even the smaller coffee houses can survive on the coffee that they brew. Seattle has earned the title of having the highest concentration of coffee houses per capita in the U.S.

San Francisco, California has made coffee drinking into an art form much the same way that is looks upon its wine-making. Here you are sure to find high-quality brewed coffee. The city offers one-size only cups and iced coffee that is brewed fro thirty six hours. San Francisco is home to such fine coffee roasters as Blue Bottle Coffee.

Portland, Oregon has a coffee scene which has been describes as the country’s most intimate. In this city coffee making and drinking has become a serious business. People are just as passionate about their coffee drinking while dreaming or while socializing or discussing business.

Is it any wonder that New York City should be mentioned when thinking about coffee drinking. The city has so many places to enjoy great coffee and hosts coffee shops from San Francisco and Melbourne. All across the city you can find great places to enjoy your coffee because this is the city where the flavors and blends of the world meet.

The Hawaiian Islands offer great Kona Coffee. This is coffee made from beans that have been cultivated atop of the dormant volcano of Hualalai and the active Mauna Loa. Coffee-lovers can experience rich and creamy blends. In Honolulu you’ll find an island-meets metropolitan atmosphere in the local cafes that offer their own unique coffee culture.


Havana, Cuba coffee is served at the end of every meal and consumed at all occasions. One of the most special coffees is the world-famous Cafe Cubano, an espresso shot with sugar. Cuban coffee can get you dancing while drinking and enjoying your great brew.


Vienna, Austria coffee is considered to be more than just a culture or way of life. Drinking coffee can now be considered a spiritual experience. The coffee houses in this city are often beautifully furnished and look luxurious.

Italy is the birthplace of the iconic Americano, espresso and latte. It is something special for coffee loves to experience in the cafes of Rome. The very first European coffee house opened its doors in Rome in 1645. Today Italy has become one of the biggest influencers in the world of coffee. The next time you have a cappuccino in Rome remember you are not just drinking coffee but also drinking in quite a bit of history.


Melbourne, Australia is the city where you can find many unusual and quaint open-air coffee shops. Their great coffee brewing process is attributed to Italian and Greek immigrants who made their home in Melbourne during the 20th century. Today their passion for espresso and various roasting methodologies serve as the foundation for the coffee industry in the city today.


Taipei, Taiwan has become one of the biggest names in the worldwide coffee scene. The development of the coffee scene here can be attributed to either the mid-1600s Dutch colonizers or to the Japanese influence in the 19th century. A tried and true practice is siphon-brewed coffee. Taiwan has been known to take coffee practices from both the East and the West and have gained their reputation of being one of the best coffee drinking destinations.

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